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Another truth installed by the machine - Propaganda rarities

The 80’s was the time where 12 inches were highly succesful. Especially those of the ZTT label with stars like Frankie Goes to Hollywood, The Art Of Noise and Propaganda. With the release of another great compilation including many unreleased masterpieces I decided to inventorise the many versions of Propaganda’s singles, 12 inch singles and cassette singles. First of all there is the already discussed album “A Secret Wish” as well as a remix album called “Wishfull Thinking” and “Outside World”. This month we see the release of “Noise and Girls Come Out to Play: A Compact Introduction To Propaganda” including a lot of unreleased masterpieces.

Dr. Mabuse:

4:06 (the ninth life of…) Dr. Mabuse (The word)…. Sound collage of sounds from Dr. Mabuse, Femme Fatale and Strengt To Dream
4:15 Dr. Mabuse (a paranoid fantasy)
5:18 Dr. Mabuse (special instrumental mix)
5:43 Dr. Mabuse Der Spieler (an international incident) …. Sound collage of sounds from Dr. Mabuse/Femme Fatale STILL UNRELEASED ON CD
6:34 Dr. Mabuse (13th life mix)
9:50 Dr. Mabuse (dj remix)
10:14 Das Testament Des Mabuse

3:20 Femme Fatale (The Woman With The Orchid)


1:25 The First Cut
1:45 Wonder
3:36 Jewel (rough cut)
3:56 Duel (thirds)
4:07 Duel (Eye To Eye)
4:40 Duel (same as on the album “A Secret Wish”)
5:15 Bejewelled
6:50 Jewel (cut rough)
7:36 Duel (bitter-sweet)

2:49 Lied
4:19 The Lesson


0:20 p:Machinery (separation)
0:25 Introduction
3:45 (diversion of) p:Machinery (passive)
3:52 p:Machinery (single version, Same as on the album “A Secret Wish”))
5:31 Frozen Faces (extended)
9:20 p:Machinery (beta) / 1:15 p:Machinery (reprise) … all together Beta Wraparound
9:25 p:Machinery (polish) [with reprise]
12:40 p:Machinery (connected)

4:20 Frozen Faces (Same as on the album “A Secret Wish”)
5:32 Frozen Faces (extended)
10:50 (echo of) Frozen Faces

1:19 Testament 1 (from a secret wish deluxe)….. seperated synths from Duel bridge
0:28 Testament 2 (from the art of the 12inch ZTT sampler)…. seperated synths from The Murder Of Love
0:25 Testament 3 (Instrumental intro mix of The Murder Of Love from a secret wish deluxe)
0:24 Testament 4 (Femme Fatale “Before You Start You Already Bleed”/12”insert)
1:02 Testament 5 (Sorry for Laughing)
0:31 Testament 6 (Dr. Mabuse alternate 12”ending)
3:16 Testament 7 (Strength to dream)

3:21 Femme Fatale (The Orchid)
3:16 Dr. Mabuse (Im Stahlnetz des Mabuse)
5:30 Frozen Faces (a secret sense of sin)
9:10 Dream Within A Dream (extended)
1:58 p:Machinery (alpha)
4:37 p:Machinery (video mix)
4:51 Dr. Mabuse (video mix)
9:46 Die Tausend Augen des Mabuse (from a secret wish deluxe)
10:11 Sorry For Laughing (unapolagetic 12” mix) (from a secret wish deluxe)
4:12 p:Machinery (goodnight 32 version) (from a secret wish deluxe)
2:29 Strength To Dream (outtake 04.02.84) (from wishful thinking deluxe)
4:28 Murderous instrumental (from wishful thinking deluxe)
5:40 Dr, Mabuse (outtake 14.04.85) (from wishful thinking deluxe)
5:09 Frozen Faces (A secret sense of rhythm)
4:24 p:Machinery (Voiceless beta wrap around edit)

Outside World

Noise and Girls Come Out to Play: A Compact Introduction To Propaganda

Put these echoes in the outside world

After he left “Die Krupps” Ralf Dörper started the band Propaganda together with Andreas Thein and Susanne Freytag. They recorded demos including the Throbbing-Gristle cover “Discipline”. Michael Mertens and Claudia Brücken joined later when they signed to ZTT. Propaganda sounded so much different from that other ZTT label group called Frankie Goes To Hollywood. Powered by the vocal mystery of Claudia Brücken, the sweetness of Susanne Freytag and the engine room of Michael Mertens and Ralf Dörper

Dream Within A Dream / The Murder Of Love / Jewel / Duel / Frozen Faces / p:Machinery / Sorry For Laughing / Dr Mabuse / The Chase / The Last Word…Strength To Dream

“A Secret Wish” starts with the poetry of Edgar Allan Poe: “All that we see or seem Is but a dream within a dream.” Followed by “Murder Of Love” romantic and melancholic…exactly how synth pop should sound like! “Jewel” is a noise version of “Duel” which is just to fill up the gap between two slower songs. “Frozen Faces” is actually the B-Side of “p:Machinery” added to CD releases and is experimental and with vocals by Susanne. Heaven 17’s Glenn Gregory helps out on the vocals for the single “p:Machinery”. My personal favourite of te album is “The Chase”.