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Un, deux, trois - Le Jour Vert?

In 2012 Green Day released their CD trilogy Uno, Dos, Tre. The previous album “21’st Century Breakdown” was a weak attempt to release another punk opera album like “American Idiot” but didn’t work this time. So therefore they returned to their roots with enough material for three albums. There have been al lot of reviews already with lots of negativity about that they should stick to their punk rock roots like on their first 4 albums but that’s bullshit in my opinion. They have become the best known punk band nowadays and rank together with Sex Pistols and The Clash as the world’s most famous punk bands.

Let’s compare them. 37 songs are spread accross these albums. Uno and Tre are the most modern and accessible ones while Dos is more like their sideproject Foxboro Hot Tubs wich is titled as garage rock. Some songs also possess some tribute to rock’n’roll of the 50’s. Besides punk rockers we also get some ballads like they did with “Boulevard Of Broken Dreams” and “Wake Me Up When September Ends”. The Forgotten” is an example of that and is from the soundtrack of Twilight Breaking Dawn. Uno and Tre give you great easy listening punk pop while Dos is bit more rougher but also holds the great “Stray Heart” you can easily sing along. All 3 albums as always got that fucking parental advisory sticker on it, oops!

Uno: Nuclear Family / Stay the Night / Carpe Diem / Let Yourself Go / Kill the DJ / Fell for You / Loss of Control / Troublemaker / Angel Blue / Sweet 16 / Rusty James / Oh Love

Dos: See You Tonigh / Fuck Time / Stop When the Red Lights Flash / Lazy Bones / Wild One / Makeout Party / Stray Heart / Ashley / Baby Eyes / Lady Cobra / Nightlife / Wow! That’s Loud / Amy

Tre: Brutal Love / Missing You / 8th Avenue Serenade / Drama Queen / X-Kid / Sex, Drugs & Violence / Little Boy Named Train / Amanda / Walk Away / Dirty Rotten Bastards / 99 Revolutions / The Forgotten

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A free for all F*#! ‘em all

In the year 2000 Green Day from Oakland, California, released Warning! An album that continued their punk rock sound with some influences of folk and accoustics. It was a big improvement over their two previous albums which were a downfall after that great album Dookie. Also because the band took over production themselves after a failed attempt at Scott Litt as a producer who was famous for producing Seattle bands R.E.M. and Nirvana. Rob Cavallo who produced their previous album became executive producer now. It took them 2 years to come out with this one. A much longer period in accordance with their previous albums.

The album opens with the catchy “Warning” about how rules are made to be broken and warnings can be ignored. Followed by “Blood, Sex and Booze” about uhm S.M. “Church On Sunday” about compromise, great stories about Virginia, Mr Whirly, Vinny, and Gina, all bound to “Misery”. On “Jackass they described their love for the band Blink 182 or not? “Waiting” uses the same tune as “Downtown” by Petula Clark. Then the best single from the album “Minority”. And the f*#!!! grand finale is “Macy’s Day Parade”, a beautiful ballad.

Warning / Blood, Sex And Booze / Church On Sunday / Fashion Victim / Castaway / Misery / Deadbeat Holiday / Hold On / Jackass / Waiting / Minority / Macy’s Day Parade