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The crown of Jefferson Airplane’s creations

The hippies from San Fransisco which scored with “White Rabbit” and “Somebody To Love” delivered probably their best album in 1968 with “Crown Of Creation”. It was the fourth album and the second in 1968. They also released 2 albums in 1967. Most of all it’s their most consistent work so far including different styles: blues, psychedelica, sympho, medieval.

It starts with “Lather” sung by Grace Slick in medieval style. David Crosby offered his Byrds song “Triad” that was rejected by Roger McGuinn the leader of the Byrds but suits perfect for Grace and beautiful ballad. “Star Track” is a blues sung by Jorma Kaukonen. Balin’s “Share a Little Joke” establishes a certain epic feel; the song ends up morphing into the oddly titled “Chushingura” an instrumental experimentation which reminds me of Pink Floyd’s Ummagumma.

“Crown Of Creation” is a typical JA song and very psychedelic. “Ice Cream Phoenix” is also superb sung by all members of the band together. Then Grace comes in with her angry sung “Greasy Heat” in her so recognizable style. “House of Pooneil Corners” is haunting rocker.

Lather / In Time / Triad / Star Track / Share a Little Joke / Chushingura / If You Feel / Crown of Creation / Ice Cream Phoenix / Greasy Heart / House at Pooneil Corners

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Dust my lemon lies with powder pink and sweet

The last Cure album I bought is “The Top”. It’s a weird one. Released in between their dark gothic period and commercial period. Robert Smith together with Lol Tolhurst recorded this fifth studio album after releasing some singles collected on “Japanese Whispers”. Simon Gallup left the band after a fight. The result was an experimental psychedelic album introducing the sound of their next commercial style we all know. The album only had one big hit in the form of “the Caterpillar”. They were searching for a new sound and created the embryo of their new sound. Highlights are “Bird Mad Girl”, “Wailing Wall”, “Dressing Up”, “The Caterpillar”, “Piggy In The Mirror” and “Bananafishbones”.

It’s not as bad as many people claim. A good transition album of the Cure.