April 6 2014

Dust my lemon lies with powder pink and sweet

The last Cure album I bought is “The Top”. It’s a weird one. Released in between their dark gothic period and commercial period. Robert Smith together with Lol Tolhurst recorded this fifth studio album after releasing some singles collected on “Japanese Whispers”. Simon Gallup left the band after a fight. The result was an experimental psychedelic album introducing the sound of their next commercial style we all know. The album only had one big hit in the form of “the Caterpillar”. They were searching for a new sound and created the embryo of their new sound. Highlights are “Bird Mad Girl”, “Wailing Wall”, “Dressing Up”, “The Caterpillar”, “Piggy In The Mirror” and “Bananafishbones”.

It’s not as bad as many people claim. A good transition album of the Cure.

February 16 2014

Avant Garde poetry

Anne Clark is probably the most famous non singer of the 80’s. Because she never sings but reads her poetry accompanied by atmospheric music.

Anne left school at the age of 16 and started working at the Warehouse Theatre, an independently-financed stage for bands, that was always low on cash. She arranged bands like Siouxsie and The Banshees, Paul Weller, Generation X, and The Damned.

In 1982, Anne Clark published her first album, The Sitting Room, with lyrics written by herself. Rosetti’s “Beata Beatrix” was used as the sleeve. Anne made a lot of albums after this and scored a worldwide hit with “Sleeper In Metropolis”.

The Sitting Room / Swimming / An Ordinary Life / Shades /Short Story - Party Mix / The Power Game / All We Have To Be Thankful For

You are just a tenant here, you say
Living in and out of this life
As cheaply as you can

I sit here in the darkness
Like an old woman
Thoughts knot and click like brittle bones
Doing too much
Trying to question all of this
Trying so hard to fade out
In the blackness
All of the fear
All of the tears that bring us to this

Sometimes it is better that we sit
Here in the silence
I don’t look at you
And you don’t seem to notice
And the reasons -
The reasons are impossible to see Converge
They gather like dust upon a shelf

You are just a tenant here, you say
Living in and out of this life
As cheaply as you can

February 2 2014

Rendezvous on Champs-Elysees

Kraftwerk became an inspiration to many musicians like Joy Division and David Bowie. For that reason Bowie moved from LA to Berlin to record his new album “Station to Station” and another album for Iggy Pop. After Bowie’s “Station to Station” album from 1976 David Bowie wished to have Kraftwerk as a support act during his Station to station tour but they refused. However Kraftwerk was actually flathered and in favour they made it clear by incorporating a reference in the song “Trans Europe Express”. “From station to station, Back to Düsseldorf city, meet Iggy Pop and David Bowie”. Basically they were inspired by Bowie by making a song about trains.

The album kicks of with their wish on a Europe without borders referring to the Berlin wall. Many years later their wish came true. “Showroom Dummies” is a song about themselves becoming celebs and their static movements during their live performances. The title song is split into 2 or actually 3 parts. “Trans Europe Express”/”Metal on Metal”/”Abzug”. A tribute to classical music in “Franz Schubert”.

The album was released in German and English editions. On this album they moved to pop music and more lyrics in songs were introduced. To thank Kraftwerk for their reference on “Trans Europe Express” Bowie made a song as a tribute to Florian Schneider titled “V2 Schneider” on his album “Heroes”. .

Europe Endless / Hall Of Mirrors / Showroom Dummies / Trans-Europe Express / Metal On Metal (/ Abzug) / Frank Schubert / Endless Endless